Sa schimbat sistemul de ranguri EGD.

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Sa schimbat sistemul de ranguri EGD.

Postby Dan.A » Tue Apr 06, 2021 8:58 pm

Din data de 4 Aprilie 2021 a intrat in vigoare noua formula de calcul a rangului EGD.

Dear all,

in the recent years it showed that the calculation of the european go ratings needs a revision. It could be observed that there was a deflation in the ratings and consequently also in the european go ranks. It's natural that the ranks in Europe are bit higher than the ones in the United States or Japan but this gap even increased by the inherent deflation of the system itself. Some players did some research on this and finally Dave de Vos put up a webpage on to show the effect and propose a new formula. This new calculation algorithm has now been implemented. For stronger dan players there is often almost no difference, for the big bulk of players around 1 dan there is a change of bit less than 1 rank upwards, so for example a 1 kyu with 1992 rating points (GoR) has now 2068 GoR and can play as 1 dan, a difference of about 60 to 100 points. For a single or double digit kyus this change can make up to 140 rating points, it depends bit how many tournaments / games he has played.

We also expanded the rank floor from 20 kyu to 30 kyu. The intention for this change is to give beginners an easier start into the world of rated games as the usual case till now was that a beginner not only lost most of his games but also stayed for a long time at 20 kyu.

It's now more than a year that me and Julien Corcessin took over the european go database. At the moment it's bit more quiet than usual but still there is a lot of daily work validating the tournaments results and doing small improvements as the ones you see now. We still have a lot of work in lifting up the whole system to current web standards. If you are knowledged in the areas of PHP programming, databases, web design or simply want to help update the documentation or help validating tournaments please don't hesitate to contact us! There is also room for new projects like e.g. having an integrated web application for doing the tournament pairings instead of entering them in an offline java program.

Please, if you know some programmers let them know that we are very interested to have more people in our team!

I would like to say thanks to all members of the rating commission making this upgrade possible and a special thanks to Dave for all the work he has done.

Lorenz (EGF Secretary and EGD rating manager)

Deci in mare sa trecut la prag de jos de la 20k la 30k

- Iar rangurile au saltat cam cu un nivel.

- Asta pentru a se mai apropia umpic de rangurile din Japonia si din America.

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